Are you our next collegue?

Vrijwilligerswerk NL 390 224 c1At the Dutch National Towage Museum we only work with volunteers, so we pay no salaries. Nevertheless, like in every organization, we also require different skills for our activities. At times vacancies will occur, that need to be fulfilled.
There are three kinds of skills and experience that are required in the museum: people with thorough knowledge of the towing industry, now and in the past, people with specific generic skills, like IT, technical experience or craftsmanship, and people for household tasks, like cleaning and administration.


Currently the museum has vacancies for:


- a librarian
- enthousiastic towage professionals, for the function of attendant and for conducting guided tours
- an allround hands-on technician


Are you interested? Please contact us for an interview.


Dutch National Towage Museum's volunteers are an integral part of the Museum's daily operations. Their contributions enhance the visitor experience and help the Museum achieve its goals. Volunteers give their time and talent to many departments, including: Administration, Website, Finance, Public Relations, Informatica, Advancement, Archives, Lectures, Curatorial, Education, Exhibitions, Facilities Management, Film and Video, Interpretation, Library, the Maritime Art Gallery, Marketing and Communications, Membership, Photo Services, Publications, Ships Plans, Collection management, Museum Shop and Visitor Services (like the Visitor Information System BIS).


If you have time or talent you would like to share, we invite you to join us! Please contact our Office about volunteer opportunities.