Monday, 04 April 2016 00:44

7 SMIT tugs changed flag

Smit Hudson (photo Henk Jungerius)| Smit Hudson (photo Henk Jungerius)|

It has been reported that Friday 25th March 2016, seven Smit tugs were reflagged from the Bahama to Malta flag. The tugs are the five ASD 2810 tugs SMIT ELBE, SMIT HUDSON, SMIT SCHELDE, SMIT SEINE and SMIT EBRO, as well as the two ASD 3213 tugs SMIT CHEETAH and SMIT PANTHER. The technical adjustments like MMSI and radio survey were carried out. The tugs are on the AIS already observed.
(source: Tugs and Towage Newsletter / Hans van der Ster)